So who’s taking the exam for science high school? Sit down, sit down. I don’t think I can get on that bike in this state. But the baby hasn’t moved since yesterday. We need to do an ECG. For a meet-the-parents dinner, it doesn’t get better, Zeynep.

Not quite from the start, but let’s say so. I ought to be killed. An old pop singer who has Alzheimer’s returns to her old house where she remembers her old days of climbing the stairs of fame and fortune while trying to deal with her older sister who holds her responsible for her ruined life. Didn’t we tell you to keep away? The woman has a face my bum and still says no! Considering I’m better now I can go. How I stumbled upon this title is another story but I wish to thank IMDb for that, I would just say that this movie is easily the best romance movie I have ever seen. Work won’t wait, as you know.

Welcome to you all. Mum’s pharmacy fantasy never ends. I’ll be right with you.


I didn’t want to steal the attention from you. I crashed at a friend’s. Well, the captain is a great cook and he is not far away.

When did you last tremble inside the moment you touched me, Burak? Hey, come on, Deniz! I’m flying to Russia in the morning. A life between hospital and the photograph studio? What’s happened the last three days?

I should be hospitalized right now? In fact, mum’s probably seevr tons and is expecting me right now. On my way to Ankara for the tour. Same as all the other doctors. Considering I’m better now I can go. God rest his soul. Besides I’m an old patient of his. Will we have guitars like that one day?

Has he taken his pills?

Deniz, what’s up with you? Burak, I’m sorry I hung up on you last night. Audible Download Audio Books.

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So it’s my fault you’re a failure, huh? Good thing you reminded me. I should be something, do something. Burak, I’ll call you in a bit, OK? This accident causes Omer’s pregnant wife Inci, Just take a look at yourself, Deniz. But I can’t figure out tesadufledi from. Hey, why are you sleeping there? This only happens because I love you so much. But your eyes haven’t changed at all.


But we have problems.

Subtitles Love Likes Coincidences

As they both fall in love, their life would never be the same. If you know how to look from the right angle As I won’t be opening a store anywhere, what are you planning to do?

You’ve had a lot of success internationally. That’s why I’m in a rush. What time are we meeting tomorrow?