Valiant Love — 8. Just watched five minutes of it with Olivia B. Since Dan was married to Miriam when he married Cam his marriage to Cam would be invalid. I checked the guide for the rest of this weekend and the next I’m pretty sure they would show it on a weekend and it’s not there. If you truly have that kind of memory with regard to your day job and life in general, you are blessed indeed. Miriam, like Camila, gets really upset about deception.

Can this show get any stupider??? I checked the guide for the rest of this weekend and the next I’m pretty sure they would show it on a weekend and it’s not there. Ohhhh, another Man in Uniform! I want Flor to get different glasses. Usually during this TN I’ve had the title song running through my head though not as much as the CME title song–still my fave. Iago was a total idiot about the watch.

Anyway, it is a classic and again doesn’t have any snarkworthy baggage to it IMHO. Cam has to deliver the papers to Dio. Her body should be 1677 shock from the de tonguing alone. This was my first TN, and I seem to have picked a good one. He must also be experiencing total humiliation that the shot came from Camila, whom he had intended to violate.

His stint in Prison should be a vivid reminder of that. What is it with you and my wives? If Isadora was going to bleed out, she’d have done it or choked on the clot fpisode and she was on some random country road after having been dumped.


The looks between Dan and Abe were funny. Edit Cast Series cast summary: But once they are faced brzvio a greater crisis, like possibly losing someone they love, they quickly put things into perspective and get over it. He looked like a little boy when he got dizzy and had to sit down, as his two wives looked at him with love and concern. At least it will be at the expense of Dio.

Bravii, April 15, at 7: Chela with Pancho has all the romance of a mutt chasing and slobbering on the mailman, hoping to finally get a pat on the head and a dog biscuit.

I too will watch out for the dvd, hoping they do a “directors” version which would be uncut, but it does not sound like it. The lack of tongue and mangled hands seemed enough.

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I think Yago, with his fine upbringing episoode good looks, could adequately grace the arm and bed of any woman with the cash to pay his outrageous fees. I want Barb to fall off a cliff.

And the uncontionality and unpredictability stayed true to the end particularly with no wedding by the main stars. I was never sure what the real deal was.

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It would represent a fresh start for them and something they could do together. Vivi, what they say about you is really true.


Sunday, April 14, at 3: Jardinera- Saturday mornings and weekends have been such a pleasure over the last months because I know I have one of your amazingly detailed and clever recaps to braviio forward to. Vivi- you complete all of the novelas with your information and perspective. I’m glad they didn’t have everything wrapped up in a neat bow in the end.

Amar Otra Vez — I had forgotten all about that novela. There’s barely room for me in my tub! I also like how everything wasn’t tied up in a neat bow, but we could clearly see that everyone except the villains and Yago were on their way to a happily ever after, even if they weren’t quite there yet.

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I’m not worried about Nat-Rod. He’s shown in flashbacks. I immediately went to watch the remaining episodes and since Episoxe knew I was going to miss the show on Friday. Perhaps in Mexico, given the timing, they came to a resolution. I’m not one to jump into topical discussions outside of the recap.