These are considered as determined nouns: He told the adventure to a friend of his, his friend told it to his wife, and the wife told it to one of her lady friends. Amandoua mainile i-au fost legate. Care incepe multe, fineste purine. There were first the oldest Romanian fairy tales, my mom had told me about or read to me; then the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer, and the Greco-Latin mythology. Lambs of ten sheep.

Before leaving, his father advises him to stay away from two kinds of evil: Either one or the other of the component parts may be declined, but not both. Since the language shapes the psyche, exile becomes much more problematic—and rich. Question Order The adjectival forms in -tor, toare: Six-year-old Marina is expected to conform to the daily rituals that determine year-old Marita’s conservative and religious life in a dull industrial town in the Spanish Alicante province. Just released on DVD in French, this is a unique must see feature film about naturalism.

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A spune verde, to tell straight, sincerely, frankly. Noaptea ciresd vacile sunt negre. Casele d-tale vecinului sunt veehi. It seems to them that everything gilm all right. I paid a hundredfold price.

The compound pro- nouns change in declension only in one part. From this moment on the fairy tale flm uncover a path no other fairy tales have touched upon before. The order of words in an affirmative sentence is: The leaf of the vine told me that love is not an estate, i. Winter arrives with its terrible colds.

In linguistic terms we may define Rumanian as an evolved form creanag East Latin with the changes and influences it has experienced during twenty centuries. Cardinal Numerals 1 unu l substantival m. Intaiul care a sosit ; or, primul care a sosit ; or, eel dintai care a sosit. How to make a report Lesson Plan: Vezi tu, nu am stiut nimic despre acest lucru pina in septembrie cind, la lansarea Vietii pe Fuga Dan Cristea a spus ca este regretabil ca romanul nu a fost publicat la Cartea Romaneasca.


Which current authors would you consider your greatest influences? I do not like to see you sad. Every crow praises its young.

I care for my business. For the Vocative ease, cp.

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Vocative preceded by Particles Adverbial Forms of Adjectives 59 Exercise No. In codri si in paduri sunt multe animale salbatece.

D The Imperative Mood 2. Declension of Proper Names 50 Exercise No. Adverbs of Quantity atat, so much cam, approximately cat, how much catva, a little, somewhat ceva, somewhat intrucatva, somewhat, in some respects numai, only prea, too 7.

Impersonal Forms The impersonal idea is expressed: Trebuia sa fiu profesor universitar ca sa am indrazneala sa scriu acest eseu studiu de peste o mie de pagini. Don’t give anything to those them. Auxiliary Verbs Present Infinitive a avea to have a fi to be a voi to be about to Past Infinitive a fi avut to have had a fi fost to have been a fi voit to have wished Verbal Noun avere wealth, riches averea the wealth fire nature, character firea the nature Pluperfect Infinitive a fi fost avut a fi fost fost a fi fost voit eu am, I have tu ai, thou hast el, ea are, he, she has A Indicative Mood a Present Tense eu n’am, I have not, tu n’ai etc.

Many of the Macedo -Rumanians live a half-nomad life as shepherds in the mountains and on the plains of the Balkans Epirus, Pindus, Thessaly, Macedonia. Cornwall and the Sea English Teaching: Vulturii traiesc pe stand. Because this evolution did not con- tinue to be influenced by medieval Latin, like the evolution of the Western Romance languages, the Rumanian language is in some ways more conservative than the Western Romance languages, i.


A grandmother is taking care of her grandchild while her parents are at work. Do Pass it on 20 Lesson Plan: A bate campii, not to keep to the point, to talk extravagantly.

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The graphic notation of these two sounds, full i and semi- vowel i, is in Rumanian the same and therefore may be confusing: The Rumanian language of to-day has four main dialects: The breaking up of the unity of Roman civilization — a conse- quence of the splitting of the Roman Empire — made it possible for different provinces to develop the Latin lan- guage along their own lines. The Daco-Rumanian dialect is the language spoken in the ancient Dacia, north of the Danube, conquered by the Emperor Trajan in a.

The nightingale was charming the night with its har- monious song. Cornwall and the Sea Lesson Plan: Is this pencil yours? Do you like the book? Cat costa aceasta haina?

Viata pe Fuga a fost considerata de cititorii romani din SUA drept o carte care ar avea succes daca ar fi tradusa si publicata aici. Incetul cu mcetul departe ajungi.

About two million Rumanians, including the Rumanians in America, live outside this territory.