Edit Did You Know? We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. She delivers a strong performance as well as Thure Lindhart, but the rest of the cast is forgotten. I believe that if the film gave us a better glimpse of the outside world and the struggle Natascha’s parents were going through, it would have engaged the audience more. What is focused on is her life as a hostage, and the time spent on this subject is used to play out the intended drama. It was really discrediting to the story that people were speaking British English throughout the entire movie.

Then how come the rest of the editing is so amateurish? The movie based on the true story of Austrian woman Natascha Kampusch. However i have given this a 3 stars as the only positive part of it is the genuine idea of the film and their way of trying to capture a mood to an audience, this is slightly achieved through the story but in technical points it lacks heavily. I had tracked the progress of this film from its initial stages after the release of the book to the ridiculous speculative casting; Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson, two actresses known for being voluptuous playing an emaciated young woman from about preadolescence to young adulthood? Having followed media coverage regarding Miss Kampusch since , I knew the story quite well. I came to this film without any assumptions, nothing more than the hope to be told more like summarized the incredible story of what this lady had to go through.

When you are telling a story that everyone knows already, you focus on the people, and on the details.

It tells the story about a ten-year-old student, daughter and sister named Natascha Kampusch who lives in a house in the capital city of Austria with her parents, and who one day whilst on her way to school is abducted by a thirty-six-year-old unemployed telecommunications technician in a white van named Wolfgang Priklopil and taken to his residence. There are some scenes that were as I imagined them to be reading the book. All attempts at creating a menacing or desperate feel regarding the girl’s imprisonment are falling flat and running empty – and these are the only adjectives that come to mind when watching this really unnecessary and awful film.


The hints of blaming the victims echo the usual excuses, that these victims in some way got what they “deserve” for not apparently fighting back, for “letting it happen”, and on and on.

Let’s forget the semi-amateurish cinematography and directing that all to often manage to undo those rare occasions where the actors actually succeed in performing convincingly, in spite of having been tasked with portraying flat, sfream dimensional characters. I can understand why Nastascha Kampusch would write the book that she did to help deal with what she went through, but this movie was entirely unnecessary and shouldn’t have seen the light of day.

The movie’s kind of depressing and dark, but that’s the way it should be. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

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The real problem is not that Days is presented like an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, the real problem is that unlike fulm soap opera, it fails to portray complex and interesting characters who interact in meaningful ways in a story arc that is well-structured, well-paced and harmonious. If you want the full story of what happened, read the book instead.

This true story that many have heard of in the news is realistically brought to the screen in this well made and shocking movie. Having followed media coverage regarding Miss Kampusch sinceI knew the story quite well.

It looked like a photo reel at times. We all open our mouths before we consider all that our words can mean.

If you need to reconsider bringing kids into this world, if you need to compare how you spend the fikm time left in your life I am glad the director did it skilfully, not focusing on the abuse of the victim but on her thoughts and feelings.

No wonder the film took ages to get going. IcelandNorwayUSA.

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Edit Details Official Sites: The perpetrator has tried various means to make her give up the hope on freedom, but the human spirit just cannot be kept captive. Which is the second problem of this film.


I think, sream this is a very sober film of one person’s horrendous ordeal. For the next 8 years this will be Natascha’s home. This film is based on real events with very little poetic license, I watched the documentary beforehand called Natascha Kampusch The Whole Story and the film hardly strays from her experiences including where she was held captive, remember you cannot put everything into 1hr 50mins.

As per me it is a txge see movie but you should keep it in your mind like I said it was a little disturbing for its adult contents. I don’t feel significantly more enlightened about the facts and the story, and I didn’t get much drama.

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You wonder sometimes if everything has to be made into a movie. Hoffman later took over the realms with Eichinger still listed as writer. Cut to little girl with her father in a bar.

You must be a registered taeg to use the IMDb rating plugin. Based on the true story of Natascha Kampusch, a girl who was kidnapped and abused for over 8 years, this film was never going to make for easy viewing.

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The movie based on the true story of Austrian woman Natascha Kampusch. Based on the real-life case of Natascha Kampusch. There are no featured reviews for Tage Days at this time. The movie focused completely on her — and only her — situation during eight and a half years of captivity.

In my personal opinion, I think that we should not focus on the saucy news or inappropriate statements made by the cast of the movie as this will wrongly divert our attention from the movie.